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The Power and the Wisdom to Create for Myself the World in Which I Live

The Power and the Wisdom to Create for Myself the World in Which I Live

The Power and the Wisdom to Create for Myself the World in Which I Live

The Power and the Wisdom to Create for Myself the World in Which I Live. These are the words from a prayer that was recited at the beginning of each service in a small metaphysical church where I was one of the ministers.  It has been a long time, seem like a lifetime ago, that I left and embarked on my own personal spiritual quest.  But the prayer was always with me.

Earlier this month I was reading the April 2018 edition of the Shaumbra Magazine and there was an article in it titled “Tough Love”.  The article was about lack-of-abundance issues and poverty consciousness.  While there are so many other issues that people perceive, lack of abundance and poverty are the biggies.

Where do these issues stem from?

Childhood and societal norms, or should I say abnorms.  Can you break out of these boxes we find ourselves in?  You bet you can!  As an old metaphysical adage goes, “change your thoughts and you change your things”.  OK! How?  I just told you…change your thoughts about poverty.  Poverty is tied to money, so let me say it again, change your thoughts about money.

If every time you look at your wallet or your bank account and you begin to freak out, stop right there and change the emotion that you are attaching to it.  Change the energy.  See your wallet as over-flowing.  See your bank account having an abundant balance.  I know it sounds silly.  I hear you saying (thinking), I can think my wallet or bank account is overflowing all day long and all I see is there isn’t enough to pay my bills. Right there is the lack of abundance and poverty consciousness thinking.  Change that thought.  Start out small and as you become more comfortable with your ability to manifest, you ease off the fear and begin to see the fruits of your labor (thought).


Do you want to begin with something a little less frightening?  Start with the parking lot of your favorite grocery store.  See yourself pulling into the parking lot and pulling right into a space close to the door.  Keep doing this until it becomes real.  As one of my favorite authors wrote, “see it from the wish fulfilled”.  What he was saying is don’t see it as a future wish or desire, but see it right here, right now.

Now back to the beginning.  I want to share with you what I learned so long ago through this prayer.  It is called “The Prayer of Attunement”.

The Prayer of Attunement

The Power and the Wisdom to Create for Myself the World in Which I LiveFather, Mother, God
Whose Power resides within me,
Of whose consciousness I am a part,
In Whom I move and have my being.
Cause me to know that you, My Creator,
have instilled in me the Power and the Wisdom to create for myself the world in which I live.
To deliver me from the error of my own negative thinking.
To lift myself from where I am to where I need to be.
By releasing all feelings of fear and resentment and dis-ase.
By forgiving other, as I would be forgiven,
And by keeping myself in attunement with Your Indwelling Presence.
I thank You for my many blessings.
For the inner assurance that I am never alone,
and that You and Your Messengers of light are always with me.
That I may turn to You for guidance and protection whenever I feel the need.
For you are the Power and the Wisdom and the Love that abides with me now and always.