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The Wheel of Fortune Destiny or Fate

The Wheel of Fortune Destiny or Fate

The Wheel of Fortune Destiny or Fate

Oxford Dictionary: Fate – The development of events outside a person’s control, regarded as predetermined by a supernatural power. (Destiny)

Life has been good for our little Fool.  But now he/she is faced with changing times. Fate has shown her fickle face and our Fool wrestles with accepting his destiny or taking control by means of his choices.  Or, is his/her fate simple disguised as the choices made?

The Wheel of Fortune is ever turning.  One moment you are up; the next moment you are down.  Is this fate…destiny?  All we know is that life does not remain motionless.

In the Golden Dawn, the planet Jupiter is assigned to The Wheel of Fortune. Jupiter (and its sign, Sagittarius) rule the ninth house of the natural zodiac chart. The ninth house is our house of religion and cult, philosophy, long distance travel, publishing, and even the Akashic records. The motto of the ninth house (Sagittarius) is “I PERCEIVE, THEREFORE I AM”.

The Wheel of Fortune is the tenth card of the Major Arcana.

Traits of the number Ten

If nine was the completion of one cycle, ten is the beginning of the next cycle of reduced digits.  It is a combination of one (1) a new beginning, The Magician; and zero (0), new potential, The Fool.  He/she has been down this path before. But now there is an awareness behind this new phase of the journey.

The Wheel of Fortune Destiny or FateThe Symbology of The Wheel of Fortune

There is little similarity in the Robin Wood and Rider Waite cards. Yet they each convey a sense of change.

The Robin Wood card shows a roulette wheel.  After all isn’t life really a game of chance or a crapshoot?

The Rider Waite card shows a bull, lion, eagle, and an angel or the descent of man.  Each has in its possession the book of knowledge as discussed above (Akashic records). This is man’s destiny as pre-ordained.  Another reader once told me that you will arrive at your destiny by either taking the short route of point A to point B, or, by taking the scenic route through point C.  Either way you still arrive at your destiny.  Personally, I like taking the scenic route.

In a reading The Wheel of Fortune can indicate a change in fortune or luck, depending on the surrounding cards. After all Jupiter is our planet of good luck and expansion.  So if you are looking at a new job or business, this card can help to give you hope in a successful outcome. However, keep in mind that if the surrounding cards show your turn of events are gloomy, that this too shall pass, and like Lady Luck, good times will once again appear.

At its extreme The Wheel of Fortune can indicate your luck is about to change for the worse.  Either way this card has an eventual positive outcome.

What destiny awaits our Fool?

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