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The Fool Enters the Physical World as the Magician

Up to now The Fool has shown self indulgence; from exploring his masculinity, his femininity, motherly comforts, fatherly discipline. But all forms of “self” and how it benefited his “self”. Now it is time for our Fool to learn about wisdom; whether it is wisdom from a teacher; or wisdom from his higher self which he has abandoned for the physical world.

The Fool Enters the Physical World as the Magician

We continue our journey  – The Fool Enters the Physical World as the Magician.  The Fool has decided to forego all fear and to leave his world of infinite possibilities and descend the mountain from the spiritual realm; thus, entering the first leg of his journey.  The world of the Magi, or as noted in tarot The Magician.

For the Golden Dawn, the Magician is represented by the planet Mercury.  Mercury is known as the God of speed; communication; sales, including the silver tongued type; and the trickster and thief.  Mercury is an air planet and rules both Gemini, third house of short distance travel, commerce, communication, messages. And Virgo, which rules the fifth house of work and service to others, as well as our health.

The Magician has Arrived

The Fool Enters the Physical World as the MagicianThe Magician has arrived into the physical with all of the knowledge and tools needed to master his new journey. The contents of his bag, or back pack has been laid out before him.  He has his wands (fire and the South); cups (water and the West); swords (air/wind and the East); and pentacles (earth and the North).  Above his head is the Infinity sign – his continued connection to the divine and the world of spirit. As above – so below.  The knowledge that life is cyclical and connected to all.

Because the Magi is number one, he is the All, the I AM, the All knowing.  How does this card translate?

Our Fool, infinite possibility, has now manifested into the physical.  The key here is the ability to manifest.  Our Magician with all of his tools and knowledge can create “the world in which he lives”.  The Magician is filled with the knowing that anything he sets out to do, he can accomplish.  Notice the expression on his face.  It shows his determination, his self-confidence, and self mastery.  There is no room here for fear or weakness.  In the Robin Wood deck, there are two burning candles behind the Magician.  One black; and one white.  They signify the duality of both our dark self; our dense physical self, our need for cardinal pleasures; and our light self; our spirit which is connected to the source and the All.

In “One” there is no need to consider a choice, since he is beginning his singular path. His shirt is partially open, leaving himself exposed to the world. Yet he is not vulnerable. He knows this is the time to utilize his ability to create and explore.

Are you The Magician?

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