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The Lovers Finding Partnership Compromise and Choices

The Lovers Finding Partnership Compromise and Choices

The Lovers Finding Partnership Compromise and Choices

As time goes by, our The Fool has matured and now sets out to find others in which to share his company. He has outgrown the needs that were provided by both his mother, The Empress and his father, The Emperor.

There is much for our Fool to learn as he sets out on his new quest.  What choices will he make in his new partner?  Up until now, the Fool has been the center of his universe.  Now he will learn about compromise if he is to have a satisfying and fulfilling relationship.

In the Golden Dawn, Gemini is assigned to The Lovers.  Gemini rules the third house of the natural zodiac chart.  The third house rules communication, neighbors, siblings, lower education (1st through 12th grade), and short distance travel. Gemini is know as the zodiac twins; and this is the beginning of considering more than the “one”.  The motto of Gemini and its house is “I THINK, THEREFORE I AM”.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, as we saw in The Magician. Mercury, as you will recall is considered the messengers of the gods. Therefore, communication is key.  We speak clearly when Mercury is in a favorable position.  And we convey confusion when Mercury is retrograde including the execution of written communication and documents.

Traits of the number Six

The Lovers card is the sixth in the Major Arcana.  Sixes can be loving and caring; but also self-centered and egotistical making it appropriately designated to The Lovers.  In relationships and partnerships, there is a need to understand another’s point of view, as well as another’s needs and wants.  No longer can, or should you be self indulged in your own wants and needs if you wish to have harmony.

The Symbology of The Lovers Card

Lovers Finding Partnership Compromise and ChoicesIn both the Robin Wood and Rider Waite decks two people are standing naked.  Their nakedness shows each as vulnerable and open to the other.  Complete trust. The Robin Wood card shows the union of the sun, the moon, and Spirit.  While the Rider Waite deck shows the couple standing before an Archangel.

Mountains are present in both cards showing that relationships can sometimes have ups and downs and mountains must be overcome in order to create a stronger bond.  Both cards have trees.  Trees show the need to set down roots; the roots of relationships as well as family.  The grounds are green and fertile, showing abundance and growth.

Here is where the number 6 finds harmony.

In a reading, The Lovers can symbolize your need to make a decision while taking into account the wants and needs of another.  Will you make this decision thinking only of yourself, or will you consider a compromise?  It can also indicate an upcoming decision that you will need to make.  Choose wisely! And be open and honest in your communication.

And then the appearance of The Lovers can be a signal that someone new (or former lover) will be entering your life.

Can our Fool find harmony in his relationships?

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