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The Fool Finds his Feminine Energy in the High Priestess

The Fool Finds his Feminine Energy in the High Priestess

The Fool Finds his Feminine Energy in the High Priestess

The Fool in exploring his masculine creative self as The Magician, has realized that there is a need for balance in his newly found physical existence.  And so he sets out to find his inner feminine energy. Thus, our Lady, the High Priestess is born.

In the Golden Dawn, The High Priestess is associated with the Moon and her many phases.  She is psychic and rules hidden truths.  She is the keeper of knowledge.  In astrology, the Moon rules the fourth house; the house of our home, whether it is our physical home, or the home of our soul. The fourth house is generally how we relate to our maternal care-giver.  In some cases, this could represent the father, if the father was the nurturer.  The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon.  Cancer, the crab, carries a hard shell around on its back for protection and a place to retreat.  Security as well is very important to our Moon guided Cancerian. Where the Moon appears in our chart also indicates how we “feel” and how we react emotionally to situations, and what we need in order to feel emotionally secure.

The High Priestess – New and Full Moon

The Fool Finds his Feminine Energy in the High PriestessWe carry the theme of dark and light as shown by a single black tree, and a single white tree in the Robin Wood card. The same contrast is also noted in the Rider Waite deck.  But I want to concentrate on my dear Robin Wood card.  Since our High Priestess is associated with the moon, I see this as the stage of the new moon and the full moon.  The new moon, which is our period of time to start or create something new, is also the dark phase where truths can be hidden in shadows.  And only by entering the light of the full moon, can those hidden truths be brought to light.

She also holds in one hand a crystal ball, whereby she can gaze into the abyss of the past, present, and future.  Her other hand hold a book, a book of secrets and knowledge. Her card number is 2; balance, partnerships, and choices.  Here our Fool find a balance of The Magician; his creative, forceful, masculine self, and The High Priestess; his receptive, intuitive, feminine self.

How do we summarize this journey to this point? Our Fool, number zero is infinite possibilities, no beginning, and no end.  Our Fool upon awakening as the Magician is forceful and feels compelled to exercise his new found ability to manifest with all of the tools he brought with him. He is the I AM, the One.  But constantly creating has left him with a feeling of being unfulfilled.  Therefore, he must find what is missing.  And what is missing is his energy counterpart, The High Priestess, the gently energy that balances his force.

Where does his journey take him from here?

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