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The Hierophant Teacher Spiritual Guidance Higher Wisdom

The Hierophant Teacher Spiritual Guidance Higher Wisdom

The Hierophant Teacher Spiritual Guidance Higher Wisdom

1. (in ancient Greece) an official expounder of rites of worship and sacrifice.
2. any interpreter of sacred mysteries or esoteric principles; mystagogue*.

1. someone who instructs others before initiation into religious mysteries or before participation in the sacraments.
2. a person whose teachings are said to be founded on mystical revelations.

Up to now The Fool has shown self indulgence; from exploring his masculinity, his femininity, motherly comforts, fatherly discipline.  But all forms of “self” and how it benefited his “self”.  Now it is time for our Fool to learn about wisdom; whether it is wisdom from a teacher; or wisdom from his higher self which he has abandoned for the physical world.

In the Golden Dawn, Taurus is assigned to The Hierophant.  Taurus rules the second house of the natural zodiac chart.  Here we find what we value; tangible and intangible. Here is where we take possession of what we own.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus.  Venus also rules Libra. So here we have earth and air…tangible and intangible; man and spirit.

Symbolism of Five and the Hierophant

Five is the number of points on the pentagram; the symbol of the four elements (earth, water, air, and fire); and spirit…the number of mankind.  Its moto is “I HAVE, THEREFORE I AM”.

The Hierophant is also the fifth card in the tarot deck; and fives like to shake up the stability of the four.  Fives demand change which would make it a close ally of Uranus, the planet of freedom and rebellion.  But here is where our little Fool requires guidance and spiritual counsel.

Hierophant Teacher Spiritual Guidance Higher Wisdom Hierophant Teacher Spiritual Guidance Higher Wisdom – Tarot Interpretation

In both the Robin Wood and Rider Waite decks two students are shown on the cards.  The Hierophant is the masculine counterpart to The High Priestess.  Where she stood alone in her knowingness; the Hierophant invites initiates into his fold.  He, the Hierophant represents conformity and traditional beliefs.  But here is where the power of five wants to shake things up.  Conformity means you must adhere to the values and teaching of traditional religion.  The five wants to shake it up and break out of conformity to find its own way – its own teacher, its own beliefs.

In a reading, The Hierophant can symbolize conformity, tradition, seeking one’s teacher, and yes, working within societal norms. It can also indicate marriage in the traditional sense.  Taken to the extremes, it can become ridged in its religious views and place restrictions on how one follows norms and rules.

I see The Hierophant in a different way.  The first way is seeing Taurus as the intangible, the ruler of the card and the second house.  The house of what we value.  So if I value my spiritual beliefs, then this is where I find value in my own inner self teachings, my own connection to spiritual guidance and to the divine force.

Secondly, I see The Hierophant as my tangible values and what I possess.  Here is my money and how I set out to achieve success in my financial endeavors either within the rules and norms such as corporate wages or through my own intuitive spiritually guided means.

What does our Fool value and whose rules will he follow; those of society or his own?

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