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Hanged Man Seeing Things From a Different Perspective

Hanged Man Seeing Things From a Different Perspective

Hanged Man Seeing Things From a Different Perspective

Cambridge Dictionary: Perspective – A particular way of viewing things that depends on one’s experience and personality.

Things are starting to shake up for our little Fool.  Tunnel vision has been a flaw in how s/he sees the world.  Now a new point of view is required in order to continue to grow in his/her spirituality.  Now it’s time for our fool to stand upside down in order to see things in a different light.

In the Golden Dawn, the planet Neptune is assigned to The Hanged Man. Neptune (and its sign, Pisces) rules the twelfth house of the natural zodiac chart. The twelfth house is about the subconscious, karma, fears, self-destruction and our own undoing. Neptune is like trying to see a building in the fog.  It is about our inspirations, dreams, psychic receptivity, illusion/delusion, and confusion, and large institutions such as prisons and hospitals. Neptune is watery, think Neptune, God of the Sea. And since Neptune/Pisces rules the final house of the zodiac, it is about endings.

The motto of the twelfth house (Pisces) is I BELIEVE, THEREFORE I AM”.

The Hanged Man is the twelfth card of the Major Arcana.

Traits of the number Twelve

In the Christian Bible, Jesus had twelve disciples.  The disciples were a traveling band of teachers and inspired those they taught. Reduced to a single digit, twelve is the number three; the number of the trinity.  Twelve is also the sign of the teacher, number 1, standing tall; and the student, number 2, bowing to the wisdom of the teacher.  As part of its vibration, twelve teaches us to wait, to change our view, to see things in reversal (others as well as our own change in perspective).  Twelve/three is also about submission and sacrifice.

Hanged Man Seeing Things From a Different Perspective

Symbology of The Hanged Man

Neither the Robin Wood nor the Rider Waite Hanged Man looks to be in distress.  But he is in a state of reflection.  Instead of seeing the world as s/he does day-in and day-out; her/his perspective is turned upside down.

Our Fool had fallen into the whoa-is-me syndrome by continually seeing the world in only one way.  Her/his whoa-is-me caused a feeling of sacrifice of everything s/he believed. This is the Neptune effect of trying to see a building in the fog.  By turning this upside down, and letting go of per-conceived ideas, life begins to take on a new meaning.  By surrendering one’s self and beliefs you open up to Inner Truth and the discovery of true bliss.

Note the position of the Hanged Man’s legs.  They form an upside down 4, and also Jupiter reversed.  If an upright 4 is stability, then it stands to reason a reversed 4 is anything but stable. If Jupiter is reversed, things just aren’t going that well.  One must get “right” with one’s self in order to reverse old thinking and patterns and clearing away the “fog”.

In a Reading

In a reading, The Hanged Man can indicate the need for a new point of view by looking at things from a new perspective.  It may also require one to surrender to a higher wisdom, or a search for inner truth, or self-analysis.  This is the time during which a transition is taking place through the practice of meditation.  It may require one to sacrifice something in order to gain something of greater value or spiritual reward.

At its extreme, the Hanged Man can indicate a fear of change, thus causing missed opportunities, the inability to find truth.  Or, it could indicate someone who is suffering from drug or alcohol abuse.  Because this card is associated with Neptune, and Pisces, substance abuse may be the result of someone who is trying to numb their natural psychic abilities.

Will the Fool let go in order to gains greater insight?

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