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The Fool On His Spiritual Journey

The Fool On His Spiritual Journey

The Fool On His Spiritual Journey

We begin our journey along side The Fool On His Spiritual Journey.  He is our court jester and naive childlike fool.  But is he really naive?

Astrologically our Fool is ruled by Uranus, and in the astrology world Uranus rules Aquarius, and sits in the eleventh house of the natural wheel. This is where our Fool gets his desire for freedom with a somewhat rebellious nature.

As I wrote in my introduction, I prefer to work with The Robin Wood deck, so I will start there. Our happy Fool and his companion are standing on the edge of a precipice. Danger is obvious, but our Fool doesn’t seem to be aware of it, or show any signs of fear.

His companion is either trying to alert The Fool, or is excited about joining the adventure. Or, does his companion represent our Fool’s higher conscious, or perhaps his guide?

The Journey Begins

The Fool represents when our spirit takes its first breath; be it at birth, or at death, followed by rebirth. This could answer why some tarot authors place our Fool after the “Universe”, the 21st card; the end of this journey and the start of a new one. Just a thought!

The Fool and his journey

Most decks have The Fool either carrying a bag or wearing a back pack. What do we typically put into our bag or back pack? Everything we believe we will need to make that journey set before us.  These are our tools and supplies for survival, including our spiritual knowledge.

Whether we realize it or not, we are always accompanied by at least one guide, hence, the Fool’s companion. Our guide is there to help us navigate our chosen journey; to warn us against dangers on this path; and to alert us to pay attention to where we are placing our next step.  Do we heed these warnings, or step off the cliff into the unknown — “FREEDOM” of choice.  Where do you place your next step? Do you play it safe or do you take a leap into the unknown and have faith the safety net will be there to catch you?

Our companion or guides are also there to let us know we are not alone on our journey – through the peaks and valleys of life. In both the Robin Wood and the Rider Waite decks, there are snow covered mountains.  This represents the higher spiritual realm.  This is where we are destined to arrive as we begin our journey.

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