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Emperor Ruler of Law and Authority

The Emperor Ruler of Law and Authority

The Emperor Ruler of Law and Authority

Time has gone by and our Fool has decided to leave the breast of his mother, The Empress.  The Fool feels the time is right to exercise his authority and will as signified by The Emperor Ruler of Law and Authority.  A more mature and stable version of The Magician.

In the Golden Dawn, Aries is assigned to The Emperor. Aries is the first house of the natural zodiac chart.  It also signifies the beginning of the spring equinox, March 21 through April 19. Aries is a cardinal sign and is therefore active. Being the first house, it shows our personality and what the world see of us.  Arie’s mantra is “I AM”, or in other words, “it’s all about me!” which is still a similar trait of our Fool.  But it is also a place of new beginnings. The ruling planet of Aries is Mars, God of War.  Mars is high energy, as well as aggressive energy.

Symbolism of Four and the Emperor

Four brings the first stable number. Tables have four legs which makes it stable.  There are four sides to a square, four seasons, four phases of the moon, four directions, four elements.  Fours are everywhere!

The Emperor sits upon his throne ever watchful of his domain.  He lays down law and upholds order, and he does it wisely.  Structure is his goal as long as it is his structure.  He can be a father figure, and even a stern disciplinarian.   The Emperor conveys self-confidence, he knows he is powerful and can wield authority.

Given to excess, as expressed in the Robin Wood card with his hand tightly clenched on the side arm of his throne, he can show a ridged authoritarianism with little flexibility.

In a reading, The Emperor can symbolize law, structure, stability including financial stability, success, and organization. Any action that you take will result in any of these meanings.  However, if taken to the opposite extreme, you can become inflexible by not listening to the advice of knowledgeable people.

How will our Fool rule his domain?

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