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The Chariot Manifesting Through Your Will Power

The Chariot Manifesting Through Your Will Power

The Chariot Manifesting Through Your Will Power

Our Fool is now transitioning out of puppy love and into an adult with his own ego and sense of identity.  He has established his willingness to consider the wants of others; but now he needs to apply mastery over his own will and determination.

In the Golden Dawn, Cancer is assigned to The Chariot.  Cancer rules the fourth house of the natural zodiac chart.  The fourth house rules family and home life, our sense of security, and the person who was responsible for our care-giving, either mother or father. The motto of Cancer and its house is “I FEEL, THEREFORE I AM”.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, as we saw in The High Priestess. The Moon, as you will recall is where we “feel”. It is where we show our emotional side to the world. Where the Moon appears in your natal chart reveals how you express and deal with your emotions.

The Chariot is the seventh card of the Major Arcana.

Traits of the number Seven

The number seven is considered a spiritual number. The number seven appears in many of the very old religions.  There were the seven sins, seven sacraments, and the seven virtues. Seven is also a mystical number and indicates knowledge gained through insight and one’s own soul searching.  And according to the bible, God rested on the seventh day.

However, the number at its extreme can be seen as isolated and aloof.  Too much isolation can lead a seven toward pessimistic tendencies.

The Chariot Manifesting Through Your Will PowerThe Symbology of The Chariot Card

In both the Robin Wood and Rider Waite decks a Charioteer wields sheer mental control over his team or horses or as shown in the Rider Waite card, two sphinxes. The rider knows that he controls his team through sheer will power and therefore does not need to hold the reigns in order to steer them.  In both cards balance is shown in the forces of light and dark, yin and yang, or positive and negative.

Both are wearing a crown of stars (and/or gems) to show his spiritual progression. Both cards show a canopy of stars to represent their connection to the divine forces.

In a reading, The Chariot can symbolize your need to find harmony and balance through knowing that you can control inner conflict. And it is through the will that you as the Charioteer, can steer the Chariot in the direction you desire.

The Chariot can also indicate triumph, victory, or travel, whether physical travel or travel of one’s mind or spirit.

At its extreme the Chariot can indicate that you are loosing self-control and therefore, your team (mind), that you were once be in charge of, is now running wild and free instead of moving in unison.

How does the Fool exert his will?

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