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Temperance – to temper by balancing the physical and spiritual

Temperance - to temper by balancing the physical and spiritual

Temperance – to temper by balancing the physical and spiritual

The Fool has reached a point in life that calls for a sense of balance between the physical world he/she dwells in and the yearning of his/her soul to find their true identity in the spiritual realm.

(NIV) Revelation 10:
“Then I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven. He was robed in a cloud, with a rainbow above his head; his face was like the sun, and his legs were like fiery pillars. He was holding a little scroll, which lay open in his hand. He planted his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land.”

In the Golden Dawn, the astrological sign of Sagittarius is assigned to the Temperance card. Sagittarius (and its ruling planet Jupiter) rules the ninth house of the natural zodiac chart. The ninth house is about higher education and academic subjects, philosophy, long distance travel (as opposed to the 3rd house of short distance travel), religion, churches, and the akashic records.

Sagittarius is seen as the zodiac centaur and is sometimes associated with Chiron, a comet that is symbolized by the “wounded healer”. Both Sagittarius and Chiron were named after the centaurs of Greek mythology, both a teacher and a healer who could not heal him/herself.

The motto of the ninth house (Jupiter) is I PERCEIVE, THEREFORE I AM”.

Temperance is the fourteenth card of the Major Arcana.

Traits of the number Fourteen

Combined the fourteenth card broken down to a single digit is the number 5; the Hierophant, where his/her spiritual teachings began. Separately, the number 1 is the All, the I AM. The number 4 is stability, and in some beliefs, 4 is seen as the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water.  Fourteen asks you to temper your lifestyle.

Five is a number of change that may require a choice between two paths. It can be chaotic during this period of decision, but in the end it comes together in a perfect balance of cooperation between two forces…the physical and the spiritual. Five is the fifth element of spirit.

Temperance - to temper by finding balance between the physical and spiritualThe Symbology of Temperance

Both the Robin Wood and the Rider Waite card have symbols of balance. The Robin Wood card shows an angel juggling object.  Juggling requires focus and balance. The Rider Waite card shows an angel skillfully pouring water from one cup to another, never spilling a drop.  Both cards show the angel with one foot in the water (world of spirit) and one foot on the earth (world of the physical).

Both cards also have daffodils.  Daffodils are believed to symbolize rebirth and new beginnings.  Both cards have a rising sun; the symbol of shining a light, and thus awakening of the higher self. And last, both cards have a path; a path to a higher spiritual understanding.

In a Reading

In a reading, the Temperance card can indicate a need for moderation and balance not only in your current situation, but also a balance between your physical world and your spiritual world.  It can indicate a need to blend ideas (or to temper).

At its extreme, the Temperance card can indicate resistance to balance and stagnation, or an inability to compromise.

Will the Fool temper his worlds?

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