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Strength Winning Through the Forces of Gentle Persuasion

Strength Winning Through the Forces of Gentle Persuasion

Strength Winning Through the Forces of Gentle Persuasion

Our Fool has learned that brute force is never the answer and now resorts to a gentle application of strength.  Here is where the Fool learns the calm power of patience and acceptance. The sheer will he wielded at the Chariot now requires an energy ruled by kindness through a gentle approach.

Most tarot artists associate the Strength card with the number 8, while a few have interchanged it with the Justice card, number 11.  Both the Robin Wood and Rider Waite decks keep in the tradition of the card order as 8.

In the Golden Dawn, the zodiac sign of Leo is assigned to Strength.  Leo rules the fifth house of the natural zodiac chart.  The fifth house is our house of creativity, be it via the womb or the mind.  It is the house of our children; again via the womb or the mind. It also rules our self expression, recreation, and gambling.  The motto of Leo and its house is “I WILL, THEREFORE I AM”.

Leo is ruled by the sun and generally where we find the sun in our natal chart, we see the personality.  But the sun also signifies our ego, as well as our consciousness, vitality, and our stamina.  Who doesn’t require stamina while being in the midst of creativity?  Stop yourself!

Strength is the eighth card of the Major Arcana.

Traits of the number Eight

The number eight is associated with ones rebirth into a higher consciousness.  Note that the number eight turned sideways is the symbol of infinity as seen on the Magician card.  It represents the cycle of life and death, as well as our successes and failures.  Eight is four to the second power of stability.  It rules all matters of the material world, such as commerce (our business), and making money.  Eight is an earthly number and earth is a tangible object.  Eight has the ability to recognize their dreams and desires and to manifest them into the physical world.

 Strength Winning Through the Forces of Gentle PersuasionThe Symbology of The Strength Card

In both the Robin Wood and Rider Waite decks a woman is shown gently closing the mouth of a lion.  Although the lion is of a much greater physical strength, the woman’s gentle nature allows her to have power over the beast and thus the beast submits to her will. Both are wearing a wreath crown to show their connection to their higher self and to the divine.  Again we see mountains and lush greenery as shown in the Lovers card.

In a reading Strength can indicate courage (remember the Lion in the Wizard of Oz), the power to achieve your goals, perseverance, the power to achieve one’s desires, and overcoming obstacles.

At its extreme Strength can indicate shortsightedness, a lack of confidence, and placing any blame away from one’s self.

Has our Fool learned to use gentle persuasion or will he revert back to brute force?

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