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Justice Balance Harmony Spiritual Truth Impartial Karma

Justice Balance Harmony Spiritual Truth Impartial Karma

Justice Balance Harmony Spiritual Truth Impartial Karma

Our Fool began the second phase of his journey when he was introduced to Lady Luck, The Wheel of Fortune. As in the beginning of his first phase, it was a new beginning and most things were looking up.  Now he is faced with yet another lady, Lady Justice, the Mistress of Karma. Where every action has an equal and opposite reaction; or, the law of cause and effect.

Most tarot artists associate the Justice card with the number 11 while a few have interchanged it with the Strength card, number 8. Both the Robin Wood and Rider Waite decks keep in the tradition of the card order as 11.

In the Golden Dawn, the zodiac sign of Libra is assigned to Justice. Libra rules the seventh house of the natural zodiac chart. The seventh house is our house of partnerships whether it is marriage, committed relationships, or business partners; or any one-to-one relationship.  It also rules contracts which stand to reason that it would be the Justice card – the card of law. The motto of Libra and its house is“I BALANCE, THEREFORE I AM”.

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, as is The Empress.  Venus also rules Taurus. So here we have earth and air…tangible and intangible; man and spirit – balance.

Justice is the eleventh card of the Major Arcana.

Traits of the number Eleven

Eleven is considered to be the first Master Number and suggests a strong sense of intuition; as well as that of a leader. Master numbers belong to a class of teachers.  If the higher vibration of the Master Number 11 is not applied then the energy is reduced to a number two, The High Priestess. She is quite intuitive as well, but she is also influenced by the Moon.

Justice Balance Harmony Spiritual Truth Impartial Karma

Symbology of Justice

In both the Robin Wood and Rider Waite decks our Lady Justice holds a sword upright in one hand; and a scale in the other. The double-edged sword shows that it can be used as a tool to create, or a weapon to destroy. The scales show that there is perfect balance in justice and the laws, be it man or spiritual.

Neither is blind-folded thereby being able to see both sides without prejudice and being able to deliver impartial justice.

Each card shows two pillars, again balance and having to ability to see both sides of any situation.

In a reading Justice can indicate objectivity, fairness, balance, a possible win in a pending legal matter, and ethical matters.  It can also indicate matters settled in a logical, non-emotional conclusion. Since Libra is associated with the 7th house of the zodiac, a legal contract may also be in the picture by way of a marriage license.

At its extreme Justice can indicate delayed legal actions, intolerance, cloudy insight, or possibly gossip and false accusations. In terms of marriage, an ill-placed Justice may indicate divorce depending on the surrounding cards.

Will our Fool have his dance with Lady Justice?

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