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Death Transitioning From An Ending to a New Beginning

Death Transitioning From An Ending to a New Beginning

Death Transitioning From An Ending to a New Beginning

The Fool has come down off of his hanging tree with a new sense of purpose. He/she has put the past behind and is ready to embark on a new beginning.

The Fool has realized that in order to progress, he/she must change.  This brings about a sense of mourning, for the old must die before the new can take root.  To refuse to move ahead, life will wither and die.

In the Golden Dawn, the astrological sign of Scorpio is assigned to the Death card. Scorpio (and its ruling planet Pluto) rules the eighth house of the natural zodiac chart. The eighth house is about sex, death, joint resources, and other people’s money. Pluto is also the planet of transformation, regeneration, change, endings, death and/or destruction, battle, and the thirst for power.

Pluto is also known in ancient mythology as the Lord of the Underworld, ruler of Hades where souls journey after death. The motto of the eighth house (Pluto) is I CREATE, THEREFORE I AM”.

Death is the thirteenth card of the Major Arcana.

Traits of the number Thirteen

Is there any wonder that the number thirteen is considered unlucky since it is associated with Death?  However, death is not necessarily that of the physical body (Although it can in some cases mean just that!) But death is simply the ending of one phase and the beginning of a new one.  The lovers die as two single entities in order to become a new entity of unity and partnership.

Combined the thirteenth card broken down to a single digit is the number 4; thirteen/four is a number of stability.  Once transformation from chaos and that which no longer serves you is complete, stability can resume.  Therefore, death should not be feared.

Death Transitioning From An Ending to a New BeginningThe Symbology of Death

Both the Robin Wood and the Rider Waite card have a symbol of death. The Robin Wood card shows the grim reaper holding a black flag of death. And the Rider Waite card shows a skeleton riding a horse carrying a black flag of death.

There are also symbols of transformation in both cards.  The Robin Wood card has a butterfly symbolizing the transformation from one form of being to another.  The Rider Waite card, if you contemplate the graphic shows a priest confronting death.  Looking deeper into the card, you can see a river in the background. Water was used to baptize people into a new life of spirituality; therefore, symbolizing death and rebirth.

In a Reading

In a reading, the Death card can indicate a need for change by examining what you once did or how you viewed things or people, into a new perspective or understanding.  A need to release that which no longer serves you into that which may serve you better.

Depending on the querent’s question it may indicate a much needed end of a job or relationship in order to being open to something new.

In finances, it may mean the end of a bad financial situation and the beginning of new opportunities.

At its extreme, the Death card can indicate resistance to the change, stagnation, or due to the resistance a slower transformation.

Will the Fool embrace or resist the change?

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