Musings by Sharon

Sharing Words from Life's Journey

The Beginning of My Musings

The Beginning of My Musings

I’ve pondered these last few days on where I would begin my musings.  As usual, the answer came to me while my focus was elsewhere, wire weaving a new piece of jewelry.

I have been a Tarot interpreter for well over 25 years and each card has a story of its own. And while interpreting a reading, I use the cards to weave a story for my clients.

The Journey

There is a vast number of decks out there, and my traveling companion is The Robin Wood deck. The graphics on her cards are a more feminized version of The Rider Waite deck. I also possess one of the original Ciro Marchetti original Tarot of Dreams deck that I keep neatly wrapped in my collection.

My musings will begin by having you accompany me as we travel along with The Fool on his journey and delve into his story.

Please join me in this adventure.